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Business Facts

– There are 1.13 billion websites in the world today. Every 3 seconds, a new website gets built.

– 71% of businesses have a website in 2023.

– 28% of businesses are conducted online.

– 21% of business owners have reported facing low website traffic. Find out if your website is performing well. Get a Free Site Audit.

How Google ranks your brand-new website

There are six key elements Google considers when ranking a website or pages:

1 – Website Content

2 – Keyword

3 – Website performance, like the structure of the site

4 – Backlink

5 – Presence on social networks

6 – Local SEO

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Small business directory. Grow your business

Why a small business directory?

How often have you heard the saying in real estate or a restaurant business, “Location, location, location”? Well, three more words are equally credible for a company to succeed, and that is “Promote, promote, and promote.”

That is what this business directory offers. There are many free business listing services. For a free listing with Listing Near Me, Register here.

How can a small business directory grow with the latest technology trends?

The buzzword in technology in 2023 is OpenAI Chatbot. AI is an abbreviation version of artificial intelligence that has become more prominent in 2023.

Natural language processing and machine learning are performing more complex tasks than ever.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when most businesses were closed, and people stayed at home and could not travel as much as before, the dominance of technology moved to another level.

People started working from home, and new technology began changing people’s lives. In the wake of the pandemic, chatbot technology is the latest trend to revolutionize the internet and online industry.

Learn more about OpenAI Chatbot technology.

Do you want to add a directory for your own business?

Business Directory is also a lucrative opportunity for many entrepreneurs to start a home-based or online business on a low budget by developing professional online directories for any market and niche. You may have considered starting a membership website or looking for a reliable provider.

Brilliant Directory is an easy-to-use custom-made membership website theme that allows entrepreneurs to start their own directories at an affordable price.

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Brilliant Directory

How does a small business directory help in getting new customers?

Finding new leads and potential customers is one of the most important benefits of a local directory. Statistics show that 83% of shoppers searched for a business online before landing in an online store. That is why listings are important in rankings, reputation, and bottom-line revenue.

Types of small business directory

Many directories offer free listing programs. EZlocal is one of the Top 50 USA citation sources that can help boost visibility in search results with its enhanced features for all types of businesses.

Small business directories and digital marketing

Many directories provide packages to offer strategies to get new customers. In the modern business era, adding SEO services is the most popular way to reach out to new visitors and improve website ranking.

However, the role of social media is instrumental in providing a company’s growth. Some of the popular social media services include Facebook (FB), Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube marketing services.

Listing Near Me Directory Is Here To Connect Businesses Worldwide

A small business directory can provide resources

Many resources are available from a directory that can help entrepreneurs. One area is finding small businesses for sale. Buying an existing business is also an excellent idea for an entrepreneur to start a business. You can find information about businesses for sale near me.

Many websites provide a list of small businesses on sale. BizBuySell is a popular site with a massive following of over 3 million monthly visits and successfully expedites hundreds of thousands of deals. BizQuest is another site that can assist in buying and selling a business or franchise with the help of a business broker.

Are you looking for a site where you can buy/sell a website?

Motion Invest is a company built to help thousands of entrepreneurs like you sell and buy websites.

Find the best niches in a small business directory

Statistics show which type of niches are the most popular to start in the USA. According to Statista, every year, there are over 800k new businesses that register.

Below are some suggestions by a few companies regarding which businesses are most in demand in 2023.

10 Best Businesses To Start in 2023 according to Growthink Inc.

Content Marketing, Virtual Assistance, Web Development and Design, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphic Design, Food Delivery Service, and Sell Your Crafts.

Business News Daily shares that 2023 brings 26 great business ideas to start

These are:

Online reselling, Pet sitting, T-shirt printing, Cleaning service, Online teaching, Online bookkeeping, Consulting, Medical courier service, App development, Transcription service, Professional organizing, Freelance copywriting or content writing, Home care service, Translation service, Digital marketing, Owning a food truck, Lawn care service, Rideshare driving, Real estate, Graphic design, Dropshipping, Personal training, Resume writing, Host a podcast, Launch a newsletter, Event catering.

An award-winning online publication known as Small Business Trends for small enterprise owners and entrepreneurs, has listed 40 best small business ideas for beginners, from being a virtual assistant to owning a specialty supermarket.