Top 10 travel agencies in Bangladesh

Overview of Travel Agency

More accurate information about which airlines offer the best quality and price is essential regarding traveling. There are travel agencies in the competitive airline industry who act on behalf of these airlines. To find the best travel agency or airline agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh, one needs to do a lot of research and then experience the agency that provides the best support.

Many travel agencies exist in Bangladesh, especially Dhaka, to cater to visitors needs and requirements. It is up to you to decide which agency caters to your preferences. It is logical to believe that the best agency is the one that you have used once and are satisfied with their services. References from friends and families who have used a particular travel agency can also be helpful.

Price may be an essential factor when it comes to saving money. However, other factors are equally important rather than chasing the cheapest price. Look for an agency that provides first-class customer support. When traveling and needing urgent help, can you contact your travel agent? There are situations when you have to change your schedule. Is your travel agency always available to provide that support? It all depends on your relationship with your travel agent.

The best travel agencies in Bangladesh

Below is a list of the ten best travel agencies that have extensive experience and support over the years.

Many travel agencies in Bangladesh have gained a reputation for being the best and most prominent due to their various domestic and International travel services. We will share the ten travel agencies considered the best among their peers.

When selecting a travel agency, you should check out their offers and location, as there are some fly-by-night companies in every industry. Inquire about all the procedures for traveling to a distant country, such as getting information on flight booking and visa processing as primary services. In addition, you can also get other services such as hotel reservations, travel guides, and tour programs. They can help you plan a more convenient travel schedule.

Top 10 Travel Agency by Services in Bangladesh

goFLY Limited Services

You will get all the tour and travel-related services from goFLY Limited. They have separate teams for each sector to provide the best service to customers. So you can contact them for any tour and travel-related services from Bangladesh. Below is an at-a-glance overview of each of their major services so that you can get to know them in more detail.

Air Ticket BookingAir Ticket Date ChangeTourist Visa Processing
Tour GuideTour PackagesUmrah Hajj Package
Travel InsuranceHotel ReservationCruise Lines
Helicopter RentTravel AdviceB2B Agent Service

ATAB Travel Agency

ATAB is one of the dominant travel agencies in Bangladesh. They have been leading the travel services since the independence of Bangladesh till now with a reputation. In continuation of this, they are known in Bangladesh as the leading company in continuous travel services.

DYNAMIC Travels Services

They have been working for a long time with the goal of uninterrupted travel services. Currently, they are operating travel services from different parts of Bangladesh. The following table informs about all the services that a common traveler can avail from them.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesTravel InsuranceHotel Reservation
B2B Agent ServiceBus TicketsTrain Tickets

ShareTrip Limited Services

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideHotel ReservationTravel Insurance
B2B Agent ServiceTravel Advice

International Travel Corporation Services

They provide all services related to regular travel to various places in the country and abroad. Since 1990 they have been spreading their light in the tour and travel industry of Bangladesh by leading their proper service.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceLogistic Support

GoZayaan Services

Check out the chart below to know GoZayaan’s main services for Bangladeshi customers at a glance. Because we have disclosed below every major service from their organization.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceHotel Booking

Flight Expert Services

As you can understand from the name of the agency, they are experts in flight booking services. However, in addition to this, they provide several other services, check them from the table.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Packages
Tour GuideTravel InsuranceHotel Booking

Heritage Air Express Ltd Services

Heritage Air Express Ltd can avail of all travel-related services from Bangladesh. From their airline ticketing services to tourist visas, Soho has everything to offer.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesTravel InsuranceHajj Package

Talon Corporation Ltd Services

You can avail of all the travel-based services you need to travel within the country or abroad. Each service of the trade is disclosed below through a list.

Air Ticket BookingTourist Visa ProcessingTour Guide
Tour PackagesHotel BookingHajj Package
Foreign Dollar EndorsementAirport Meet & GreetTravel Insurance

Galaxy Travel International Services

All the services that you will get from this travel agency are presented below in table form.

Air Ticket BookingTour PackagesTour Guide
Tour PackagesMedical TourismTravel Insurance

Primary Services of Travel Agencies in Bangladesh

The primary duties of travel agencies are to help people make travel arrangements, which may include services like booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, and making dining recommendations. A travel agent discusses each customer’s unique needs, preferences, and budget and assesses to ensure their trip is convenient and trouble-free.

So here are the primary services and details

Air Ticket Booking

If you want to book an air ticket to travel from Bangladesh to any country of your destination, you must meet with a travel agency who will guide you. You may get lots of flight information by doing a Google search and visiting many websites. However, a local travel agent can provide moral guidance and support you may need help finding from an online search.

Tourist Visa Processing

Before you pay for any flight, getting a visa to your country of destination is necessary. The best thing to do is apply before your traveling date. Visa processing time may vary depending on the country, but it can take between 2 to 4 weeks on average. In certain countries, it may take a few days. It is best to consult with your travel agent, who can give you the best advice. In most instances, travel agencies can arrange the visa for you due to their expertise and experience with the procedures.

Hotel Reservation

Travel agencies can provide additional services such as hotel reservations. It may not be their primary duty, but most travel agencies will go out of their way to arrange a proper hotel arrangement if requested. Many online websites like and Agoda can provide more convenient hotel bookings.

Tour Packages

Many travel agencies offer tour packages for different countries. Many tour packages offer flexibility in travel destinations with better prices. Tour packages are an excellent option if you plan to go for a holiday vacation with family or friends. Most common tour packages range from 3 to 7 days to as many as 15 days, including airline fare, hotel reservations, and trips to the best tourist destinations.

Tour Guide

Almost every travel agency provides the services of tour guides in different local regions and international destinations to provide the best travel experience for visitors. Travel guides have in-depth knowledge about particular tourist places so that you can understand specific historical areas significantly.

Hajj Package

Travel agencies prepare various Hajj packages for all travelers at very affordable prices. Travel agencies plan tours for people who want to take a box from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia for Umrah Hajj. Travel agencies provide hassle-free and convenient travel arrangements for Hajj. As a result, the number of Hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh is becoming more popular daily.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary part of a travel plan. It reimburses a traveler for some or all prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses. It is useful when making trip cancellations and travel delays. It is helpful if a traveler gets travel insurance before traveling abroad. This step is taken to ensure proper safety for traveling. So you can get travel insurance for your foreign trip through a travel agency.

B2B Agent Service

Many travel agencies provide B2B agent services for those who want to run a small-scale travel business. By becoming a business partner of all these travel agencies, it is possible to subsidize all the travel services at an affordable price. This allows small agencies to make all the services they need from travel agents available to ordinary travelers, including air ticketing, tour plans, and visas.

How to find the Best Travel Agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh

We have discussed many benefits that Bangladesh’s top 10 travel agencies offer. Here are a few additional tips.

  • Do Your Research
  • Check Certifications and Awards
  • Monitor Online Activity
  • Check the Agency’s Customer Support
  • Check Google Reviews

Some general tips for authenticating the reliability of a travel agency:

  • Check out the reputation of the travel agency. Search online for reviews and ratings from customers who have used the travel agency services. You can also ask friends and family who have used the agency about their experiences.
  • Check the travel agent’s qualifications. Make sure the travel agent is licensed and registered with the relevant authorities. You can check their website or request proof of registration.
  • Compare Prices Compare prices of a few travel agencies in the area. This will give you an idea of whether a travel agency’s price is competitive and within the standard range.
  • Check for hidden fees. Ensure there are no hidden fees or fees not disclosed upfront.
  • Check Customer Service. Contact the travel agency’s customer service team to ask or clarify any doubts. Their friendliness and helpfulness are a good indicator of their trustworthiness.

Few additional tips

  • Look for certifications and partnerships

Check if the agency is affiliated with an industry association or has partnerships with reputable travel brands. These certifications can guarantee the quality of its services to a certain extent.

  • Check the range of services offered.

Check if the travel agency offers a wide range of travel services such as flights, hotels, transfers, and tours. This may indicate their expertise and experience in the travel field.

  • Check the website

A reliable travel agency should have a professional website that is easy to navigate and provides transparent information about its services, policies, and prices. Check for typos, broken links, or other signs of an unprofessional website.

  • Business Listings

Check if the travel agency is listed in business directories and other blogs. A good travel agency always promotes its services through reliable sources.

  • Find the address

Visit the travel agency’s physical location or office to see how they operate, meet their representatives, and ask any questions. This can help you gauge their level of professionalism and customer service.

  • Read the fine print.

Please ensure that you read and understand all terms and conditions of any travel package or service a travel agency offers. This includes cancellation and refund policies and other terms that may affect your travel plans.

  • Communication

In today’s age, it is easy to contact a travel agency via WhatsApp or other communication tools. However, the most popular way to communicate is via WhatsApp. When asking questions, are you getting quick responses from your travel agency customer support? Only spend time with such an agency if they respond.

Finally, researching and analyzing before committing to a travel agency or tour operator is essential to ensure a positive and comfortable experience.

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