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Seeking URGENT help for my beloved Papa

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Hello, my name is Aniqa Shams and I write to you today with a plea for help that weighs heavy on my heart. My beloved father (Papa), Shamsur Rahman Khan, is facing a critical health crisis. His liver is failing, and without an urgent liver transplant, his chances of survival are incredibly slim. It is with great humility and desperation that we turn to you, seeking your support and kindness during this challenging time.

My Papa is an extraordinary man whose vibrant spirit and unwavering positivity have touched the lives of countless people. His infectious laughter, witty humour, and kindhearted nature have brought joy to our family and friends for years. However, his health has taken a devastating turn as he battles liver issues, along with Hepato Renal Syndrome Type 2 or shrinking kidneys. The situation is dire, and the only lifeline available to us is a liver transplant.

Despite our best efforts, the cost of the transplant and associated medical expenses are overwhelming. We find ourselves at a crossroads, desperately in need of financial assistance. The funds raised will be utilized to cover the exorbitant expenses of the surgery, the extended recovery period, and the additional hospital fees. Since the operation must take place in Chennai, India (Rela Hospital), there are additional costs associated with travel and accommodation for some time.

Our target is to raise 50,000 GBP to ensure that my Papa can receive the life-saving liver transplant he urgently needs. Your generous contributions will help relieve the financial burden on our family and provide the necessary resources to ensure Papa’s successful treatment and recovery.

The impact of your support cannot be overstated. Your contributions will not only cover the cost of the transplant but also provide hope and a renewed lease on life for a remarkable man who means the world to us. With the transplant, Papa will regain his health, allowing him to continue being the pillar of strength and joy that he has always been to our family and friends.

I love my Papa very much and being the only child I grew up to be very close to him. We share countless wonderful memories – spending days to weeks to months of painting together, an invaluable bond, and a very big part of my childhood. Life as unforgiving as it is, we are continents apart and every day I miss him dearly. It completely wrecked my heart learning of his failing health which has brought an unending feeling of helplessness within myself. Being thousands of miles away I am not able to do much as me and my family have exhausted all our resources. I now ask for help from you all and can only rely on your generosity – every bit counts and will mean so much to me, my Mom, and my Papa.

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Mobile: 01776439354

Updated news:

Shamsur Rahman Khan and his spouse Sanobar Sharmin will be flying to Chennai, India for the treatment today August 17th, 2023. If any one is interested to help with financial assistance, please use the following account:

Name: Shamsur Rahman Khan
Acc: 0012100004452
Bank: National Bank of Pakistan
Routing no:155261723
Branch: Gulshan
District: Dhaka

Your prayers are requested and appreciated.